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Made with your pet’s health top of mind, Refuresh’s grooming tools will have your pet looking and feeling their best. 


If you’re having trouble with fur all over the furniture, it probably isn’t your vacuum that’s dropping the ball –  the likely culprit is your grooming tools (or lack of). Refuresh’s hair deshedding tool reduces shedding up to 99%, making it one of the most powerful and best deshedding tools for pets on the market. 


This pet hair deshedder isn’t just effective, it goes easy on your pet’s skin too. Refuresh’s fur deshedder has an innovative vertical blade structure with ‘C’ shaped edges so it glides smoothly across skin (no rough metal raking here). 


The deshedder’s ejector function releases the hair so it doesn’t get caught up in the brush or dropped all over the floor. You can also adjust the position of the brush head so you can deshed your pet from all angles.


Say goodbye to a hairy house!

REFURESH BRUSH - deshedding tool

PriceFrom $55.95
GST Included
  • To reduce shedding up to 99%, use this hair deshedder once a week for ten to 15 minutes. Before you start deshedding, remove any large knots and tangles. Start by gently moving the deshedding brush down your furry friend’s coat, brushing in the same direction as their hair. Start from the head and work your way towards the tail. 

    Don’t apply too much pressure – let the weight of the tool do the work. Be sure to use caution around sensitive areas including your pup’s stomach, legs and genitals. Snuggles must be given after deshedding, that’s an order.

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