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Made for Groomers by Groomers-
Happy Hoodie calms and protects pets during the force drying process.


Happy Hoodie is an expandable, soft, lightweight, safe, comfortable band that is placed over a pet's ears to provide relief and protection from loud noise and forceful air associated with force drying.

Happy Hoodie was created to calm dogs while force drying; however, it can also help pets relax under other circumstances that they may find stressful.

For a nervous or difficult pet, Happy Hoodie's calming effect can make a groomer's job so much easier and the pet's experience much more pleasant. Use it on pets that are touchy on their feet (pads, nails, just touching their precious paws), clipper work, brushing/dematting, nervous just because they are there, you get the idea, right?


Happy Hoodies many benefits include:
Noise reduction and swaddling effect CALMS upset, disagreeable pets
Saves valuable time in the grooming salon
Speeds up drying time by wicking water from the ears and face
Helps protect pets hearing
Requires minimal time, effort, and cost to use


GST Included
Colour: black
    Head Circumference - 8"-10"
    Ideal for - Teacup To Toy Breeds and CATS

    5" X 5"
    Head Circumference -10"-13"
    Smaller Hoodie fits most toy to small breeds (Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Miniature Schnauzer, Pomeranian, Miniature Poodle, toy breeds, cats)

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